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We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology.

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We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology.

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India's no.1 and only Career Counseller, who works for Career strategy only.

  • Thousands of career service article has been published in national news papers
  • Various career interviews has broadcasted on TV & all india radio
  • Writer of various career books.
  • Thousand students are getting benefit of our counseling.
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    Our Testimonials

    A Very good guidance about whatto do with your life. It's like a right medicine on right time will same your whole life. One must approach this is you are confused and do not want to mess up with your life
    - Sonali Jain
    it was really a great experience. I find you full of knowledge,One more thing that i would like to mention appart from a couselor you mention the topic very friendly and in a generous manner. Thanks for the time and guideline thatyou have given
    - Poonam
    Very Satisfactory, Today i am clear about my career. Now, i am confident what should i do in my career for my better future.
    - divya Sharma
    It was an eye opera to go through the whole process. DMIT is something I would recommend to each and every parent. DMIT fits perfectly with child’s personality and its surperising to see how closely they match. Doing DMIT would make parenting better and more satisfying. The whole process is so scientific that I am speechless. The process is well arranged by Dr. Kumar. I am really thankful to Dr. Kumar that he exposed me to this. Strong recommendation for doing it is every child to understand than better.
    - Dr. Satyendar Katewa
    Sony Mahipal Hospital
    Child Oncologist.
    The process helped me a lot to Derecome my confusion regarding my career selection. The DMIT technique has helped a lot to know about my son’s personality take a correct decision in selection of his subject. I strongly recommended all students to go through this techniques for personality Judgement to know about self and process further in life. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kumar for sparing his time and giving his valuable career tips to my son.
    - Retired Army Colonel
    I am pursuing CS Executive but unable to complete it on the beginning. I was interested in it, but by passes the time I am not capable to do it. Reason behind failure in the Executive stage. Then my family choose career counseling for me and I met with Dr. Kumar. He is the person who tries to sortout the situation of my life and tried to bring out from this situation. I am satisfied with it. I would say he is a good person cum friend or take guidance.
    - Kanupriya
    Happy to come here. As we are sure about our child career. Hopefully we will get accurate guidance.
    - Jyef
    It was a good and helpful experience for me. I had many other thoughts in my mind which confused me a lot but after talking to Dr. Kumar. I think I have or will come to a conclusion that can satisfy me. Sir, It was a great talking to you and it really felt good after seeing a listening to you.
    - Sonal Vijay


    Q : Is joining a coaching institute must ?

    Absolutely not ; we found maximum number of selections in civil service , without joining a coaching institute. But in that case you require specific kind of guidance / strategy for IAS.

    Q : I am in job ( pvt/govt ).i can’not take leave from job.Can i continue my IAS preparation with job?

    Absolutely yes with job ,At your job place, either it is village/town/city. In changing pattern of IAS 2018, you require only time management and strategic planning of IAS.

    Q : If i will not join coaching ; How i can prepare detailed syllabus and subject.Many people says coaching is must.

    Time is changing every second.To join a coaching institute in metro cities was old culture. Today in internet age , we are living in a more smarter world.where we krack the exam with clever strategy , not by old methods of study.(extra ordinary Hard Labour ).Today you require only better strategy and planning that is made only for you.

    Q : Is Sanjeevani strategy method of ias preparation is same for each student.

    Absolutely not.each person is unique. His stage and past academic record is different (arts/science/commerce/doctor/engineer ), each have different interests and hobby from others.so strategy and planning works individualy.

    Q : I have just completed 10th /12th/ persuing graduation/persuing engineering/medical. Can i take strategic counselling from Sanjeevani for ias.

    Yes. This is the most right time to take strategic counselling. So you can utilise your next days/ year / months according to DR KUMAR ‘S STRATEGY for IAS.

    Q : I am very poor. How i can prepare for IAS.

    For selection in IAS , you require only firm determinations and big dreams .in this Sanjeevani strategy planning method , you can easily prepare for IAS with least money.Dr kumar is always with you , up to selection.

    Q : What is Dr kumar’s method in IAS strategy Module.

    It is research and vast experienced based method. In which we see various aspects of individual student and UPSC trends.we prepare STRATEGY MAP of each individual student, suggest him to do smarter labour rather than Hard Labour.(Old method )

    Q : Are only these options available in front of today's youth ?


    Q : Who We Are ?

  • Well known career counsellor since last 15 years in North India
  • 1500 Articles has been published in national news papers upon various career
  • So many interviews has been broadcasted upon TV & all india Radio
  • Thousand of students are getting benefits after taking counseling.
  • Q :What are various factors in reference of making our career ?

  • What is today's trend
  • What will be tomorrow's trend
  • Will it provide job satisfaction to you
  • What will be the saturation phase in particular career
  • Is your career will provide you best satisfaction in terms of Recognition/Money/Job Satisfaction
  • Q :Common Mistakes Oftenly We Do ?

  • The career which you/your parents are thinking best may be worst tomorrow.
  • The career which you/your parents are thinking worst may be best tomorrow.
  • Q :Need Of Career Counselor ?

    Don't waste your lacs of money in costly Coaching/Notes/Online Video & Lecture.

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    Counseling available also for

  • IFS / RAS / RJS / NDA / CDS / NTSE / CA / CS /CLAT
  • Science Olympiad exams
  • Subject selection And Best Career selection after 10th & 12th
  • Any career related query
  • We deal each query which is hindrance/ problem during your career ?
  • Best strategy for any competitive exam
  • Counselling for each confusion of life / Career / Health / Family
  • Counselling for Teenagers problems / Study Stress/ Study Counselling / Arrogant Behavior