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Counselling For Senior Citizen In Jaipur

Counselling For Senior Citizen In Jaipur

Why Senior Citizens need Counseling?
The older generations find themselves living alone in these days of nuclear family. They feel lonely and often with no one to speak to or seek help in the cases of emergencies. We provide counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur to help older generations in distress. We aim to help senior citizens deal with their loneliness and insecurities and also find companionship services for them if they need.

At present, many older people are facing the physical abuse, psychological abuse, economic abuse and neglect & isolation. The biggest challenge with elder abuse is that it is usually hidden. Hence empowering senior citizens is the most effective tool in the response to elder abuse. Our counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur enables them to reach out for help against abuse. Our service is also helpful in information dissemination thus creating awareness amongst older generations in a number of matters.

We conduct the counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur through our trained and certified professionally qualified counselors who understand the power of a smile, a touch, a kind word, an honest compliment, a listening ear and the smallest act of caring. Our experts give advice on diseases which are common in old age, Information about changes (both physical and mental in old age), financial management, meditation and Physical exercise to keep your body fit and alert, Spiritual Healing, Care of elderly, Dementia and Family and other social problems.

Counselling For Senior Citizen In Jaipur

Several studies have indicated that one of the greatest issues for older generations is loneliness. Our counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur help older adults maintains their independence to the greatest extent possible by providing quality mental health services and emotional support. We also allow senior citizens to use their time with us to share thoughts and their day-to-day lives to speculate about the future and reminisce about the past.

The aim of our counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur is to provide a friendly and supportive environment where they can address issues of concern and maintain their independence. Our experts try to give the homely atmosphere where they can speak freely without any fear and hesitation.

Apart from counseling for senior citizens in Jaipur, we also provide career counseling, children counseling, family counseling, marital counseling, pre marital counseling, personal counseling and teenage counseling. We respect your privacy. E-mail is not a secure method of communication, if you are interested in our services or would like more information, contact us through our official website.

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